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Timber Cove Wolves MC

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Prequel to the

Timber Cove Wolves MC

If Alpha wolf Braxton Salvador doesn't arrive at his wedding before midnight, he could lose his second chance at love with his fated mate Mina.

"Sweet short and awesome. (A) fine intro into the Timber Cove Wolves MC. Now I totally need to get them all and you should too."


~ Romance Reviewer

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Maxon's New Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC book #1

A curse drove the beauty to cross pack lines. If Maxon doesn’t mate with the rival she-wolf, Naomi is as good as dead. One taboo kiss will start a war. One kiss and she is his.

Oh how I love a great paranormal story. This book is easily one if my top reads. Jaxson and Alina have a rough start as a couple but he is not giving up easily. When Jaxson finds out about illegal mating trials he fears for Alinas 's life and the life of her twin girls. Who can he trust? Who is behind the trials? It is more twisted than what you think. I don't want to give anything away. Read and be taken away by this amazing story.


~ Romance Reviewer

Jaxon's Blue Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC

book #2

A Mother in danger. An Enforcer who’ll break the law to protect his family. Even if going after the one who had taken Alina could destroy any chance Jaxson has at keeping her for himself.

Cover Jaxson's Blue Moon.jpeg

Love the storyline! I really enjoyed all the characters - the FMC went through so many trials with the MMC be by her side. They had really good chemistry! There was so much action and suspense - even some twists that I didn't see coming. I loved that there was a happy ending and there is a book 2 with some of the characters!


~ Romance Reviewer

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tavin's Blood Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC book #3

A rogue she-wolf with dark secrets. Secrets her true mate Tavin pledges will never hurt Kayla again. She’s his.



I devoured this book.
I have to say that I LOVE a flawed & scarred main man, and Tavin is 100% that.
The banter between him and Kayla is funny, and well written and I found myself staying up WAY to late to finish it.

Can’t wait to read more in this series .


~ Romance Reviewer

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Axzel's Hunter Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC book #4

Axzel thought his fighting days were over. Leshia never believed she’d find her true fated mate, who’d help raise her daughter. With demons and devils working with the vampires, this duo must retrace their painful pasts if they’re to stop the monsters set on owning pack lands and threatening to destroy their happily ever after.


Cam's Strawberry Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC book #5

Ex-Marine, human Cam Smultron will face the fight of his life. After he’s mortally wounded, wolf-shifter Pepper Ruslor must make a choice to expose her true nature and turn Cam or let him die.


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Releases Oct 18th, 2022

Releases April 4th, 2023

Acheron's Wolf Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC book #6

  Fall 2023


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