Timber Cove Wolves MC

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Maxon's New Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC book #1

One kiss would start a war. But it’s breed or die, it’s kill or claim. One kiss, she was mine.

Naomi Sloan

Thanks to my biological clock racing toward twenty-seven, the year life ends for us she-wolves if we don’t reproduce, I risked war to have a child. But my precious baby isn’t safe with me. There’s only one Alpha wolf who can protect her—her ruthless and scarred father, Maxon Salvador.

Maxon Salvador

My packmaster ordered me to kill Naomi Sloan, but instead I set her free. He doesn’t know she’s the mother of the squalling baby left abandoned on my doorstep—my child. I have to find Naomi, but when I do, if I’m not strong enough to return the child and walk away, it could spell the death of us all.

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Jaxon's Blue Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC book #2

October 24, 2021

A Mother in danger. An Enforcer who’ll break the law to protect his family.

Alina Sloan

After a cruel packmaster claimed me as his property, I ran from him.
Right into Deputy Jaxson Salvador’s bed, a rival alpha wolf.
Now, I don’t know who my twins’ father is.
Not that it matters when I find myself kidnapped.
There’s only one wolf who can rescue me—assuming he’d even want to after what I did to him.

Jaxson Salvador

Alina Sloan tore my heart out and left, but I pushed the pain aside.
I focused on my job—working as a Deputy to keep my territory safe.
But all my plans got tossed aside when I discovered Alina had been kidnapped.
Kidnapped by a shifter trafficking ring.
Alina may still hate me.
But I’m willing to set pride aside to protect my family.
Even if going after the one who had her taken could destroy any chance I have at keeping her for myself.

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tavin's Blood Moon

Timber Cove Wolves MC book #3

A rogue she-wolf with dark secrets. Secrets her true mate pledges will never hurt her again.

Kayla Doe

I’m a shifter. I’ve seen them, watched them from afar. Yearned to be with them.
I never imagined I’d get my wish. My first shift was magical.
Until my human parents discovered me.
The fear in their eyes told me everything I needed to know. I was a mutant.
They threw me away after that. Sold me off like I was an animal. A monster.
I didn’t think I’d survive. But I fought my way out and I ran. Harder than ever before.
I made a new life for myself. I became a nurse.
I was around others like me. I was safe.
Or so I thought.

Tavin Ruslor

The last thing I see in my future is protecting a rogue she-wolf.
But here I am. Fighting off her attacker. Winding up in the hospital without even a thanks.
Then in walks Nurse Kayla Doe.
The ungrateful she-wolf.
With one look in my direction, I’m slammed with understanding. Understanding you only find in your true mate.
And I’ll be damned if her secrets touch her again.
She’s mine.



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