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Faeted Vampire Series

"Fantastic Read. Fans of Sookie Stackhouse will love it."

                                                                       ~Amazon Reviewer


Vampire by Blood

Faeted Vampire series Book #1

Tricia's a hidden fae princess with untamed powers. Riley's a vampire who thirsts for her blood. Will the duo destroy a dark supernatural force in time to save their second chance at love?

When Tricia McIntyre learns she's a fae princess who's being hunted by an ancient vampire, she turns to her best friend Sergeant Riley Sweetwater. Problem is, he's buried in the town cemetery, and she hates him for dying on her. Until she uncovers his secret.

Ex-Marine Riley Sweetwater was never meant to cross paths with Tricia after he went dark. Especially since he's experiencing some kind of immortal transition of his own. But they do, and she's hunting the same vamp responsible for killing his squad.

Forced together, Tricia's trying not to kill Riley with her uncontrolled Fae powers, while he's struggling not to drink her dry. As they must battle their love-hate-lust relationship, they search for the one who holds the secrets to saving humankind before a dark supernatural destroys them all.


Vampire by Bite

Faeted Vampire series Book #2

She’s the Queen of Faery. He’s an ex-Marine turned Master Vampire. Will mortal enemies unite before a dark force destroys their chance at love?


Queen of Faery, Tricia McIntyre, advocates Other Kind deserve human rights, but caution warns that targeting change will pit her fae people against the vampires she’s come to love. Particularly her mate, Master Vampire Riley Sweetwater.


When an attacker strikes close to home, the threat drives Riley to defend members of his coven from the dark power moving against them, forcing the ex-Marine to hunt for the mastermind inside the dangerous underground.


As Tricia pushes for legislation that would register Other Kind as a minority class, a protected class with enforceable punishments against their attackers, the swing vote senator she’s been lobbying turns up mortally wounded.


Will the duos combined powers be enough to stop a vengeful foe before they deliver a killing blow?

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Vampire by Birth

Faeted Vampire series Book #3

Dark magic surrounds the cure to save their unborn child. Can the Master Vampire and his Faery Queen overpower evil before time runs out?


Queen of Faery, Tricia McIntyre, is pregnant with the first of its kind, a half-fae, half-ancient vampire. But legend has it that she won’t survive the birth.


To complicate the situation, the blood bond between herself and her mate, Master Vampire Riley Sweetwater, has deadly repercussions: If she dies then Riley dies, as well as his coven, guardians of world peace.


Hunting for answers deep in Faery's Cornwall Forest, will they survive the dark magic trying to destroy them before time runs out?

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Vampire by Bliss
Faeted Vampire series Book #4

A distant clan takes the new father from his mate, but Master Vampire Riley Sweetwater is up for a surprise when Tricia, his Faery Queen, arrives with a plan to strengthen her alliance with her husband.


Vampire Riley Sweetwater is master of two things: Vampire policy and satisfying his mate, Tricia, Queen of Faery. But lately, after the birth of their precious daughter, Riley’s struggling between finding alone time with Tricia and solidifying a difficult treaty, one that will take him away from his family for the first time.


Tricia may be the Queen of Faery and a new mom, but she’s not ignorant to the unquenched desires of her mate. She’s missing him too. She has a plan to not only surprise Riley by showing up at his meeting, thereby strengthening their alliance, but also to forge a deeper bond with her man…in every way possible.

Vampire by Bride Cover.jpg

Vampire By Bride

Faeted Vampire Series Book #5

A kidnapping forces Master vampire Riley Sweetwater and fae Tricia, his Faery Queen, to halt their wedding vows to search for their precious, now missing, daughter.


Queen of Faery, Tricia must channel her dark powers and do the unmentionable, by resurrecting the dead woman who’s tried to take her life, time and again. But, if she’s to find her daughter, she’ll forgo her wedding and push herself to the edge of sanity. Using dark magic is the only way to destroy the ones responsible and bring her daughter home.


Master Vampire, Riley has a secret. He knows exactly who kidnapped his daughter. He’s never needed to call on his powerful vampire army for backup, but his precious daughter is missing, and he’ll risk his life to bring her home.


Against dark forces, will the power couple’s sacrifices, as well as the hardships of those they call family, survive the evil foe in time to save their baby girl, or will the bindings of their love be destroyed…this time forever?

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