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Paranormal Monster and Mayhem Series

Available only through Author Eve Langlais' EveL Worlds
FUC Academy series

Monsters and mayhem, the FUCN’A is about to get FUC’d!


Shaken, baked, or grated, this cheese-lovin’ kleptomaniac crow shifter and owner of a cozy B&B could save the day with a kick of chili flakes. That is, if Pandora Raven can escape her Lump of an ex, Monster Johnson. He’s a sexy-as-a-slice-of-pepperoni-pizza-with-all-the-fixings special ops agent and has rented one of her rooms!


A four-year mission in the Amazon rainforest hunting a chimera-making mad scientist has been gorilla shifter Monster’s go-to. There isn’t a branch he can’t swing from to nab a slippery lead. Until he learns a shocking secret back home.


Save his mate, crack the case, and, holy pastel Azteca, save the cheese! Oh, sweet Pandora, Monster’s in her box and he’s ready to make all her dreams come true.


Monster and the Jewel Thief by Cyndi Faria is an EveL Worlds paranormal romantic comedy set in Eve Langlais’ Furry United Coalition (F.U.C.) World and available on all platforms!



Author’s Note the Reader

When I first learned of the amazing author Eve Langlais and her FUC world, I fell hard for her quirky community and zany characters. I may have even shouted FUCN’A a few times reading. Never did I imagine my story idea would be accepted and I’d get to write alongside some of my favorite authors! Dreams do come true, and I’m so happy they did. <3

Thank you so much for spending time with Monster and Pandora on their quest to a HEA…as well as kicking some donkey hee-haw! I can’t wait to bring you more Monsters and Mayhem stories, which will only be available in Eve Langlais’ FUCN’A world.

Love, hugs, and happy reading, Cyndi.

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