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Outlaws, bikers, badboys, and the mob!

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Claimed by the outlaw

A Hanzel and Gretel Twisted Fairy tale retelling

(Part of the Meet me at midnight romance series)

Wild Bill Hickok and the woman he’s convinced is the reincarnation of his wife collide in this twisted fairytale romance retelling…

Emily Lyffe doesn’t believe in everlasting love, so when she receives a text from her ex-fiancé reminding her she agreed to meet him in Deadwood, she’s ready to set him straight.

Little does Emily realize, the summons originated from the ghost of Outlaw Wild Bill Hickok, who’s convinced she’s his reincarnated wife—and he’s dead set on claiming his bride.


Releasing July 16, 2020

Kidnapped by the thief

An Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

Twisted Fairy tale retelling

(Part of the Meet me at midnight romance series)

Centuries ago, Ali Baba, handed his fortune to his son, my great-great-great-great grandfather, who continued to pass the riches to his succeeding heirs. But my father gambled away the family treasure to a band of thieves who left him for dead. I found him in time to hear him utter his last words.


With my father’s death, I’m forced to trade a college education for survival. I hustle on the streets of Los Angeles as an exotic dancer where I catch the attention of the 40 Thieves Motorcycle Club while dancing on Hollywood Blvd. Finally, I glimpse a way to achieve revenge for my father’s death and steal back my family’s fortune from the ruthless MC leader, Ko Jussain.


The only problem? I’m falling for Ko’s men. But their ruthless leader chains the MC members to his evil bidding. And then Ko proclaims I’m his exotic wife.


He promises me a sparkling crown and endless power.


All I want is revenge.


But I might have to make a selfless decision instead.


Kidnapped by the Thief is a standalone fantasy romance and part of the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night Series, a collection of multi-author fairy tale romance retellings.


The cover below will be available in mid December 2020.

Tempted by the biker

A Puss and Boots Twisted Fairy tale retelling

(Part of the meet me at midnight romance series)

Struggling waitress and daughter of a late MC elder, Sadie Carabas learned long ago not to depend on anyone, especially her father, who left his entire fortune to her estranged brother while she inherited Boots, a kleptomaniac boot-wearing bulldog she suspects has stolen from the mob.


Forty Thieves biker Angus Stone never learned the truth behind his wife’s death five years ago or recovered the mob's money he denied she carried—a mistake that nearly cost him his life. Having infiltrated Carabas territory via the family pooch, the brooding biker plans on revenge from the ex-leader by targeting his family.


When Sadie and Angus’ worlds collide, she’s tempted by the biker and he begins to question everything he believed true while the real enemy closes in. As passions ignite between the duo, will Angus learn that love trumps revenge, and will Sadie come to trust Angus…this time before the killer strikes again?


Tempted by the Biker is part of the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night anthology, a collection of multi-author fairy tale romance retellings.

The cover to the left will be available

mid December 2020

Owned by the mob

A Cinderella twisted Fairy tale retelling

(Part of the Meet Me at Midnight Romance series)

Son of an infamous mobster, Kit Siegel denies his heritage, choosing to tour the country as Prince, the lead singer of Cinderella and Ashes, but each concert is a blur of women who want to claim the facade he’s created. Summoned by his ruthless father to return to Los Angeles and take over the family business, where he’s locked into an arranged marriage and forced to threaten an innocent woman, proves the cynical rock star is no better than his father.

Pastry Chef, Ashley Tremaine, sneaks food to Skid Row’s homeless and fantasizes about traveling the world, until she’s kidnapped, blindfolded, and tossed at the feet of a mobster and threatened to obey. She should be afraid, but his smooth voice and hot touch do nefarious things to her belly, and then, in a twist, he sets her free. But she doesn’t feel free. He owns her mind and body, and he doesn’t even know it.

Disgusted with his father, Kit’s ready to walk away for good…until, once again, he collides with the feisty yet innocent woman, Ashley. Convinced she would know Prince anywhere, he prays she doesn’t put two and two together when he introduces himself as a rock star.

But Ashley’s not as naïve as Prince believes, and his secret is soon revealed. As Prince introduces her to a world of riches and measurable pleasure, will Ashley learn to accept Kit and Prince are the same man? Or will secrets tear them apart when she learns they’re both owned by the mob?

Releasing October 10, 2020



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Crowned by the Alphas

A Snow White twisted Fairy tale retelling

(Part of the Meet Me at Midnight Romance series)

An inheritance. A hidden princess. Three sexy bachelors.


I’m working double shifts to pay off my college loans when my estranged grandmother dies, and I find out I’m a princess. Me, the most unladylike woman in our family.

To complicate my life further, she’s tied the billion-dollar inheritance to an impossible condition:

Not only do I have to find one husband by my twenty-sixth birthday, I have to find three.

Luckily, the threesome I had in college and can’t seem to forget gives me an idea.

Derek, Carter, and Zach haven’t forgotten that night either, and they’re eager to reconnect. Loving up on me like there’s no tomorrow, suddenly I’m caught up in a whirlwind of passion and picturing a future where we can all be together.

                                                           Until they learn the truth…




Stone Mafia series


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Romancing the ceo by cyndi faria

Stone Mafia Series #1




USA Today’s Best-Selling Author Cyndi Faria, introduces book one of her new series, Romancing the CEO, a Stone Mafia Romance

Somehow I knew my promise to walk away from Ciara and never look back was a lie.

A family feud tore them apart...

CEO Ciara Bloom never thought she’d reconnect with the son of the mafia kingpin she stupidly fell for in college, but she's desperate to save her family business.

Billionaire and financial rockstar, Remy Stone is a changed man. Now the single father’s come to collect the one woman he never should’ve left behind...before the mob destroys them both.





Cowboy billionaire Menage duet

Roping Their Virgin_EBOOK_AMAZON.jpg

Roping Their Virgin: A stepbrothers Menage romance

Cowboy Billionaire Menage Duet book #1


After years of being away, Maddie Brown’s returned home with one goal. Collect Cole and Warren Pierce and return to Virginia to start her new life with the sexy twins her parents adopted years ago.
The guys are up for the challenge except for one complication. Maddie’s virginity. Still, Maddie's got it all figured out. Just like the men were gifted to her as a pair, she's gifting her virginity to the very same time.
They say you can't love more than one person at once.

Try telling that to Maddie's heart.

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Taming her Billionaires_AMAZON.jpg

Taming Her Billionaires: A stepbrothers Menage romance

Cowboy Billionaire Menage Duet book #2

What’s a girl to do when her twin fiancés inherit a billion dollars from a father they believed dead? Cole’s spending money like it’s going out of style, and Warren is determined to hide it all away.
With money comes trouble and both men are worried that Maddie will leave just like their parents did, breaking their hearts all over again.
Maddie’s got her work cut out trying to rein in the Pierce brothers. To prove to them she’s not going anywhere, Maddie’s determined to dominate their relationship once and for all. Taming her billionaires just took on a whole new meaning.


A girl’s gotta tame her billionaires any way she can.

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