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Spirit Returned

Whisper Cove #4

“Ms. Faria…writes one hell of a storyline. With each book in the (Whisper Cove) series you are drawn farther into the legend that started it all and just when you think you have it all figured out she throws you a twist that blows your mind. Great characters, intense unique plots, mystery and legends come together to create exciting, suspenseful and page turning tales that will keep you coming back for more.” –Reviewer


“[Cyndi Faria] has a talent for lovely happy endings and I’m so glad she does.”–Night Owl Reviews


Whisper Cove’s future depends on two lovers and their otherworldly connections…


Mason Jayme is rumored to be a healer and the one prophesized to save his hometown of Whisper Cove from an ancient curse. Until that curse is broken, however, he has no business taking a lover—a lesson harshly learned after a single night of passion with Katrina Rendon. Believing he’s the reason Katrina was harmed, Mason leaves town, rejecting Katrina and any notion he can be good for anyone, let alone a whole town.


Katrina was far more devastated by Mason’s rejection than her injuries he thinks he caused. She wants nothing more to do with him—until her father falls ill, and the only way to save him is with Mason’s healing skills. When Mason returns to Whisper Cove, he promises not only to heal her father but to help Katrina fulfil her dreams.


Caught in a whirlwind of spiritual possessions and secret rituals, Mason and Katrina must risk not only their love, but certain death, to save Whisper Cove. This time, Mason is ready to risk it all to stay with the woman he never stopped loving.

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