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Spirit Released

Whisper Cove #1

Death is only the beginning…


“True love trumps evil in a surprising twist. It is a page turner. I read till I couldn’t see then had trouble sleeping because I wanted to read more…” –Angel Lady

“Spirit Released was a great paranormal but sits apart from all the others…filled with intrigue, mystery, romance, and paranormal…I can’t wait to see what book (3) has in store for us!” 

–Tanya’s Book Nook

In the seaside town of Whisper Cove, a centuries-old curse tests true love…

Faith Cabrillo prepares to confess a desperate secret to her fiancé Jake Mitchell on her wedding day. She’s cursed with the ability of speaking to the dead…and never finding true love.


Grief-stricken with Faith’s disappearance, Jake refuses to be idle. His innovative research keeps Faith alive but for how long? When Faith’s spirit appears with a warning that his life is still in danger, Jake denies the unexplainable, despite the evidence.


Will Jake’s devotion and Faith’s body and soul be forged by love’s healing power in time to stop a killer before the curse claims Faith…this time forever?

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