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Spirit Freed

Whisper Cove #4

Brave the shadows, be the light.

I was a demon-eater and she was like an angel.

So I’d sent her away…

Now she’s back, stronger than ever, and tempting my black soul to let her in.

 ~Dane Kershaw, Spirit Freed




“…(Abigail) is standing by her man as he battles the dark magic (Dane) used to heal her. (But) will the dark magic find a way to keep them apart or will their love that knows no bounds win? Another hit for Ms. Faria, her Spirit Freed, is great.” –Reviewer


Firefighter Dane Kershaw never allows his ego, or his ability to absorb evil spirits, stand in the way of duty. That includes protecting the woman he loves, so she could have a normal life, even if it breaks his heart.


Back from trying to live a normal life outside of Whisper Cove, newspaper photographer Abigail Haven is determined to uncover Dane’s secrets. After witnessing Dane’s transformation at the scene of an accident that involved a child, Abigail will do anything to learn how to heal Dane.


Together, they confront the evil force that hunts them, and race to decipher the magical elements linking them together. With their second chance at love on the line, will they survive descending into the world of dark magic? Or will embracing their powers be their destruction?

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