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Spirit Embraced

Whisper Cove #2

Release the past, embrace the future…


“(Whisper Cove) is my favorite paranormal series.” –Reviewer


“I frantically turned pages to find out what happened next. Fast paced, suspenseful, mystery, legends, spirits and great characters and a storyline that…leave(s) you wanting more.” –Reviewer


In the haunted town of Whisper Cove, who can be trusted?


Detective Thomas Jayme is a single father seeking a stable life for his little girl. Unfortunately, three things complicate his life: the spirits of dead townspeople who are hunting to fulfill an age-old curse, a cold case involving a woman’s death, and the appearance of a beautiful woman who might know something about both.


New-to-town Chelsea Wright is determined to keep to herself and spend time with her seventeen-year-old son before he leaves home. When she learns she might know the identity of the murdered woman, Chelsea strikes a deal with Thomas. If Thomas will help her find the connection she had with the woman, she’ll help care for his daughter.


As Thomas and Chelsea work to solve both his haunted past and her uncertain future, unknown enemies threaten both of them. Will they find answers and accept the promise of a forever love before it’s too late?

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