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Welcome to the March Badness FREE Book Fair hosted by nine B.A.D. (Bad Alpha Dad) Authors!

The BAD Authors are each giving away a free book when you sign up for their individual newsletters.  FREE Reads are just a click away! 

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Bear's Touch by Emma Asilyn


A woman who can heal or kill with a Touch. An Alpha determined to claim her to save his son. A dragon enemy threatening to take their territory by trickery...or deadly force.

Lea's plan is to lie low, eat junk food, and not run afoul of one of the many alpha's who claim and control rare Healers like herself. If she doesn't bond soon, she runs the risk of going mad when using her magic. She's good with that. But her clan Alpha instead sends her on assignment and the very thing she didn't want, she runs smack into—all six foot, hard muscled, steely eyed worth of single-minded alpha bear shifter who will use her to save his dying son, whether she likes it or not.

Only there is more going on in his territory than he wants to let on. As they fight, and succumb to an irresistible, and unwanted, drive to mate, dragons rain fire from the skies, attempting to force the small but lethal bear clan from its rich territory. Lea's skills as a Healer will be needed more than ever.

And when her mating results in the conception of a special baby, she'll have to go all in whether she risks her independence or not.

Bear's Touch is a paranormal bear shifter romance with a strong urban fantasy feel. Featuring a snarky, feisty heroine with a brick ton of sass, and a growly Alpha male who doesn't mind killing to keep what he has claimed. For readers who enjoy fated mates, shifter conflicts, surprise baby and plenty of steamy action.

Revenge by Kiera Blackwood
Revenge. Regret. Redemption




Days of self loathing, self destruction, and unrestrained rage had long passed. Or at least the worst of them. Still, nothing could fix what was broken inside of me. That’s what I thought, until I met her. Now it’s all that I can do to keep up with the stunning raven shifter that mirrors my soul, and captures my heart.



Zombie slayer—that’s my life now. Every night since my brother died, I’ve searched for his killer, alone. No one understands, until I meet him. Now we search together: for the truth, for revenge, for redemption.

This standalone Protectors story contains steamy shifter romance, action-packed and suspenseful circumstances, scorching love scenes, and a happily ever after ending.

Maxon's New Moon by Cyndi Faria
Timber Cove Wolves MC #1


USA Today’s Best-Selling Author Cyndi Faria, introduces book one of her new series, Maxon’s New Moon, Timber Cove Wolves MC Series (Bad Alpha Dads)

One kiss started a war.

Breed or Die.

Thanks to my biological clock racing toward twenty-seven, the year life ends for us she-wolves if we don’t reproduce, I risked war to have a child. But my precious baby isn’t safe with me. There’s only one Alpha wolf who can protect her—her ruthless and scarred father, Maxon Salvador.

Kill or Claim.

As Executioner for the Timber Cove Wolves MC, my pack master ordered me to kill Naomi Sloan, but instead I set her free. He doesn’t know she’s the mother of the squalling baby she abandoned in my care—my child. I have to find Naomi, but when I do, if I’m not strong enough to return the child and walk away, it could spell the death of us all.


Changed by Debbie Herbert



Cursed to reap over a thousand lost souls, Tara is almost finished. She’s worked hard the past year and wants her life back. More importantly, she wants Andrew back.


But part of the curse stipulates she can’t tell him anything about where she’s been and what she’s been doing. How long will Andrew wait for her after being forced to live his life in limbo with no answers? The last two soul collections have been especially brutal and complex. Worse, Andrew has reached the limits of his patience.

About Debbie

USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author. 2017 RITA® Finalist for Paranormal Romance, Romance Writers of America® She is traditionally published by Thomas & Mercer and Harlequin as well as Indie published.



Wanted by the Bear by Cecilia Lane


Can a rogue bear shifter and a halfblood fae put evil back in her grave?

Running a flower shop is a far cry from leading a fae court. But after banishing her best friend through the veil between worlds, Evie Ashe is happy to avoid anyone with a drop of magical blood. Even the call of an old acquaintance and rumors of a returned threat can’t pull Evie back into the life she left behind.

Ty Maxwell doesn’t have any use for the supernatural world. Without a clan to call his own, the bear shifter found his purpose protecting and serving in a human police force. So when the bodies start piling up Ty follows the evidence to a florist that calls to his bear in ways he never expected. One look at the tough spitfire, and Ty knows he can’t lock her up.

What Ty sees as evidence against Evie, she sees as proof of the impossible. Magic only she should possess has been used to bring back a threat against the entire world. With no other options, she turns to Ty for help and stumbles further down a path that binds her to the smolderingly sexy shifter. Will they find a way to heal their broken parts — if they can save the world?

Step into the world of Shifting Destinies, where the men and women you meet might just be a little more than human. Their towns are protected by magic, and their hearts are open and ready for love. But watch your step – more than darkness lurks in the shadows.

About Cecilia

Cecilia Lane grew up in a what most call paradise, but she insists is humid hell. She escaped the heat with weekly journeys to the library, where she learned the basics of slaying dragons, magical abilities, and grand adventures.

When it became apparent she wouldn’t be able to travel the high seas with princes or party with rock star vampires, Cecilia hunkered down to create her own worlds filled with sexy people in complicated situations. She now writes with the support of her own sexy man and many interruptions from her goofy dog.

Her Mad Dragon EBOOK NEW 09212018 copy.j
Her Mad Dragon by Julia Mills

One lone dragon pulled from his mountain to save the clan he’s sworn fealty to and the only family he’s ever known.

One Grand Priestess, the most magical witch of her time, the leader of her kind, and a survivor of torture.

Two powerful beings, blessed by the Goddess, destined by the Universe… a couple unlike any other.

Can their combined magic, all the love that they have and a faith in all they hold dear be enough to defeat the evil that’s sworn to destroy them all?

Only Destiny knows… And Fate Will Not Be Denied 



The Last Blackstone Dragon by Alicia Montgomery


He’s the last of his family, the last of his legacy…


With no one else to continue the line, he had no choice


He was going to buy himself a wife…


But, he didn’t expect her.


Could the bride he bought really be his mate? 


She never thought she’d even consider it…


A marriage of convenience to a dragon shifter…


Circumstance have left her no choice…


There was one thing she didn’t expect…


And that was to fall in love with her husband.

Sea Dragon's Hunger small.jpg


Sea Dragon's Hunger by Rebecca Rivard

A mother and child on the run. A dad who craves a second chance. And the powerful fae who's after them all.


Discover USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard's world of dark shifters and dangerous fae...


Crowned Heart Review ~ InD'Tale Magazine*


Four years ago, Irish shifter Cassidy O’Byrne fell hard for a sexy Latino from the Rock Run Clan. Nic was dark, brooding--and irresistible. But Nic was keeping a secret, and in the end he left, unknowingly leaving her expecting their baby.

An orphan herself, Cassidy loves her daughter with everything she has. But Nic’s secret makes the little girl invaluable to the fae. When a powerful fae comes for her daughter, Cassidy takes her and runs to the only man who might be able to save them.

Nic never expected to see Cassidy again, but now that she's come to him, he'll do anything to keep her and his daughter. He just has to convince Cassidy to give him a second chance--and keep his newfound family safe from the fae...

NOTE: Sea Dragon's Hunger is Book 4.5 in the Fada Shapeshifters Series. All books are standalone with an HEA, but the stories interconnect. If you crave dark alpha shifters, steamy romance and intense emotional storylines, this book is for you.

Shapeshifters created during Dionysus’s infamous bacchanals from a mix of fae, human and animal genes.
They’re ruthless, untamed--and when they love, it's forever.


*Voted Best Shifter Series of 2018~Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards*

SP2 NEW.jpg


Fierce Heartbreaker by Liza Street


After Jude Fournier broke her heart six years ago, it took Ava Stricket a long time to get on with her life. Now she’s back to help out her newly-widowed mother, and Jude’s presence is just as distracting as ever. Her overprotective brothers and uncle don’t need to worry, though—Ava’s had a lot of time to harden her heart to Jude’s charms, not only to protect herself, but her daughter as well.

But Jude isn’t going to give up so easily. Despite the hostility from her family and a new imbalance in his pride, he slowly works to win Ava back. His mountain lion chose Ava as his mate years ago, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove to Ava that he loves her and wants her back in his life—and this time, he’ll never let her go.

About Liza

Liza likes her heroes packing muscles and her heroines packing agency. She got her start in romance by sneak-reading her grandma’s paperbacks. Now she spends her time writing about hot shifters with fierce and savage hearts.

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