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***Over 50 Five-Star Reviews***

"An Emotional, Keep-You-On-Your-Toes, Romantic, Must Read." Reviewer

"(A) brilliant story...I couldn't put it down... OMG they had chemistry that was off the charts...left me wanting to read more..." ~Book Bytch

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Roping Their Virgin

Cowboy Billionaire #1

After years of being away, Maddie Brown’s returned home with one goal. Collect Cole and Warren Pierce and return to Virginia to start her new life with the sexy twins her parents adopted years ago. 

The guys are up for the challenge except for one complication. Maddie’s virginity. Still, Maddie's got it all figured out. Just like the men were gifted to her as a pair, she's gifting her virginity to the very same time. 

They say you can't love more than one person at once. Try telling that to Maddie's heart.

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Taming Her Billionaires

Cowboy Billionaires #2

What’s a girl to do when her twin fiancés inherit a billion dollars from a father they believed was dead?  Cole’s spending money like it’s going out of style, and Warren is determined to hide it all away. 


With money comes trouble and both men are worried that Maddie will leave just like their parents did, breaking their hearts all over again.

Maddie’s got her work cut out trying to rein in the Pierce brothers.  To prove to them she’s not going anywhere, Maddie’s determined to dominate their relationship once and for all. Taming her billionaires just took on a whole new meaning.

A girl's gotta tame her billionaires any way she can.

Free on Kindle Unlimited

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Cowboy Billionaire Duet

A Bestselling Steamy Romance

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